The annual Presidents' Day Organ Festival is presented by the Los Angeles chapter of the American Guild or Organists.  Each year the Festival features performances on several organs in a specific neighborhood in the Los Angeles region.  All performances and free and open to the public.

The first Presidents' Day Organ Festival in 2008 was the inspiration of Dr. Orpha Ocse and Manuel Rosales, and featured four organs in Claremont, CA, with performances by Dr. Carey Robertson and Dr. William Peterson.  Since then the event has grown to include three or four organs with six to eight performers each year.

2024 Presidents' Day Organ Festival

Festival Committee

Nelson Dodge, Coordinator

Sean O'Neal, Advisor

Ty Woodward, Advisor

Festival Volunteers

Wendell Benedetti, Photographer

Bill Mistretta, Photographer

Sarah Davachi, Greeter

Karla Devine, Greeter

Dr. James Hurd, Greeter

Russell Schertle, Cashier

Hospitality Volunteers

Bill Mistretta

Mary Lee Mistretta

Andre Rigden

Alice Rucker

Joseph Simms

Mike Wilson

Organ Preparation

O'Neal Pipe Organs, Inc. /  Sean O'Neal, organ tuning

Program Book

Nelson Dodge, Design & Production

Karla Devine, Proofreading

Short Run Printing, Ltd. (Phoenix), Printing

AGO Los Angeles Chapter Executive Committee

Sean O'Neal, Interim Dean

Scott Anderson, Sub-Dean

Karla Devine, Secretary

Douglas Herbst, Treasurer

Dr. James Calhoun

Dr. Christoph Bull

Sarah Davachi

Abraham Fabella

Dr. Philip Hoch

Dr. William Peterson

David Wheatley

Dr. Tyler Zimmerman