2023 Performers

Charles Raasch

Charles Raasch is a long time resident of Orange County and member of the OC AGO. He is on the OC AGO Study Grant Committee, and is glad through this program to have supported many successful students. He is a past Dean of the OC AGO.

He is currently the organist for the St. John's, Orange concert series, and accompanist for the Cathedral Singers at St. John’s. After playing every weekend from the age of fourteen until the early 2000’s, he decided to retire from having a regular position to focus on family, work, and learning literature. Without a regular Sunday position, he is honored to substitute at many venues throughout the Southern California area.

Charles is an electrical engineer by trade, and in addition to a passion for playing organ music, is involved in developing hardware and software for digital and digitally augmented pipe organs, and in building and refurbishing instruments for use with Hauptwerk and other digital platforms. His Hauptwerk sample sets are available through www.evensongmusic.net, including notable Southern California instruments such as the Aeolian Skinner at Pasadena Presbyterian and the three instruments at Immanuel Presbyterian Los Angeles.

He currently is employed as a VP of Engineering at Acacia Research in Irvine. He lives with his wife Leslie and two dogs Olive and Scooby in Foothill Ranch, California.